Ordering a Transcript

or Replacement Diploma

Ordering a Transcript & Replacement Diploma

Goddard College has transitioned transcript request and replacement diploma fulfillment to Parchment Award. Goddard College is now offering this service to make ordering transcripts and digital credentials easier for you. It’s more efficient for Goddard, better for the environment and will deliver your transcripts & other digital credentials in the format that is preferred by the recipients.

All orders will still be fulfilled by Goddard College staff, it is only the delivery service that has changed. If you placed a transcript request via the previous request form, we will process the order via previous fulfillment protocols.

Click on the Parchment icon below to go to the Goddard College storefront:

  • Transcript requests will not be processed during college recognized holidays Please refer to the Parchment storefront for any additional office closures.
  • If you have questions regarding your digital credential order, please email registrar@tianan1688.com; a staff member will respond within 24 hours M-F.

To request your Goddard College credentials , please review the information below. If you have a question, please feel free to contact us by email, registrar@tianan1688.com.

Goddard College transcripts cost $10.00 per copy. Diploma replacement copies are $50 each-learners will receive a digital copy as well as paper copy. Additional expedited shipping fees may apply-please refer to your Parchment order for exact shipping fees.

All digital credential requests must be submitted via the Parchment storefront. Goddard College does not accept cash or checks for orders.

Transcripts cannot be released if you have outstanding financial obligations to the college, have incomplete academic paperwork or have provided incomplete delivery information. Office of the Registrar staff will make a reasonable attempt to contact you via the Parchment storefront (using your order number) and/or email to inform you of the specific nature of a transcript hold. If, after fifteen business days, you have not replied to the college, an email will be sent informing you of the hold and returning any form of payment submitted.

Transcript requests are processed in the order in which they are received. Processing time is up to 15 business days after financial clearance is obtained. However, most requests will be processed M-F daily during normal business hours 7am-2pm EST, 24 hours after receipt.

Expedited processing is not available. You can request and pay an additional fee for express delivery of your transcript via Federal Express during the checkout process on the Parchment storefront. This service expedites mailing time, not processing time.

Requesters can view the status of their order via the Parchment storefront.


Office of the Registrar & Academic Records
Phone: 802-322-1671
Email: registrar@tianan1688.com

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